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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I just became an airport-runner. The baggage-clutching, 'excuse me please', brush-by-you, airport-runner who barrels by the calm general public walking peacefully to their gate.

I know.

I never understood airport runners until now. I would always see them sprinting through terminals with children and bags in tow, skipping ahead of all of us at the security line, and wonder why they didn't leave the house earlier, check in earlier...was it their first time flying or something?

Here's the breakdown of how to become an airport runner:
  • learn that your flight to connecting city is 45 minutes late
  • you only had an hour layover to begin with
  • you ask the nicely frazzled lady at the ticket counter what she suggests you do
  • she says there's a different flight she can get you on, a direct one straight home, and it's leaving now, so RUN!

And that's how you become an airport runner.

And by the way, I didn't get there in time. So I'm sitting in KCI, waiting for the originally planned two flights that may or may not get me home tonight.

Oh well.


  1. I miss you already. Come home soon, please.

  2. bethany. do you know that i am already an airport runner? except that the time i had to run, i slipped and FELL after passing all of the slow meandering passengers. probably the coolest moment in my life.