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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2 funnies

I went to an Avett Brothers concert with Cari, Jon, Julie, and Scott a few weekends ago. Since I've never heard the brothers, I got onto and listened to some of their stuff before going. Guitar, violin, drums, folksy rock, yelling, got it...not my favorite, but I could definitely appreciate them live.

The concert was supposed to start at 7pm. We all got lost in the rain, waited in line for tickets, and ate pizza for a while before going in to the venue at 8.30. The band went on and everyone cheered. Hippies started dancing and singing the indecipherable words to the songs. The 6 guys on stage all looked alike...they probably were brothers. They were playing guitars, violins, violas, drums...they even had one of their guys play two saxophones at the same time! I loved it.

About three songs into their set, I leaned over and told Jonathan: "This is so much better than their stuff I listened to online!" He looked over and laughed and informed me that we weren't watching the Avett Brothers...the guys onstage were the opening act.

--slap forehead now--

But, hey: check out Railroad Earth.

Today, I trecked across campus under the hot August sun with $212.46 worth of new heavy textbooks and landed at the Roasterie with Blakely. After heaving my load onto the table, I dramatically planted my head on my notebook for a second to cool off. When I sat up, my damp face had made a perfect forehead and nose-print on my notebook. I looked down at it for a second, then looked across the table at Blakely, who kindly responded: "If it's any consolation, it doesn't look that bad from here."

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