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Friday, January 1, 2010

this one will be good

I'm spending New Year's day being still and quiet with my sweet sick friend Natalie. There's nothing else I'd rather do. Natalie has it bad. She fell asleep at 10.30 last night while we got all dolled up (Cari) and went downtown to dance in the new year. She can speak above a whisper for about three hours a day, and only under the influence of a tall 2% Caramello from Latte Land, which I gladly picked up on the way over. Natalie has the incredible talent of emanating beauty and light at her very worst. She insisted on trudging through the snow in her jammies and a pair of crocks to help me haul in coffee, lunch, and my computer bag which is now overstuffed with happy books that I DON'T have to read for school because I don't go there any more. Remember? We've been enjoying this clip today in honor of Natalie's sexy sick voice, because you know, it's like totally happening.


  1. And now? I stole her cold.

    MY sticky shoes.

  2. Hi Bethany! I found your blog on 365Truth. Thank you for reminding me of this Friends episode :)