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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

do you have any idea how delighted I am?

I get to hang out with this guy in Georgia over Thanksgiving break.
When he was 1 day old I got mad that I couldn't hold him, scooted angrily across mom's hospital bed, and kicked him in the head by accident with my black patent leather mary-janes.
He's okay now though.
Tonight he took me on a drive. We listened to terrible music and rode up and down hills. Hills! They don't have those in Kansas.
Do you know what else they don't have in Kansas? Dam stores. Not sure why.
to the dam store


  1. Can you buy me a dam t-shirt or a dam postcard?

  2. Hey! Kansas has hills girl. They even roll.

  3. cari is right, you know! and i love the picture of you in front of the dam store! love you!