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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Do you see this precious peanut? I've been crushing on him for the last 4 weeks of his life...the only 4 weeks of his life.
I don't know what it is about tiny little newborns, but they just help my brain.
These last two weeks have been full of extreme emotional circumstances and hard conversations, and whenever I feel like I'm going to lose all capacity to create brain waves, I text my newly un-pregnant friend Alissa and ask if I can come rockabye her baby.
This is usually a mutually beneficial arrangement.
I then sway this little guy to sleep and stare at his face like you do the ocean. After an hour or so, I realize I can think straight again. I hope some therapist reads this and later gives me a high five for finding such a healthy coping mechanism.

Yes, that is a stress break-out starting on my chin.
Also; aren't babies the best accessory? I love wearing babies.