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Monday, October 17, 2011


We are on day 9 of a 10 day long trek from Chicago to San Francisco (to shoot a wedding) to Sarasota for my sister's wedding back to Chicago.  We are tired, and so ready to sleep in our own bed tomorrow night.
This last leg of our trip was really sweet.
My sister always looked forward to her wedding in a completely different way than I did. I mostly saw the wedding as a huge roadblock standing in the way of me and my married life, I couldn't have marriage without hassling through the wedding. I resented a lot of expectations culture placed on my wedding and broke the mold as much as I could. We had a 3 month engagement. I wore an old wedding dress. We had our reception before the ceremony. We got married on a Wednesday. Our bridesmaids and groomsmen were our siblings. We didn't have programs. I figured if we had to have a wedding, we were going to do it our way, and so we did and it was beautiful.

Megan was different. She loved the whole process of a long engagement and wedding planning. She loved picking out the cake and the bridesmaid dresses and decorating the church. I know how much she looked forward to her wedding and so it was a joy to be with her on her wedding weekend, buying her lingerie and having a bachelorette party, attending the rehearsal dinner and telling stories, carrying her cathedral length veil for her and taking her pictures.

And since I'm all about the videos these days, here's one highlighting all the special moments we had together. I shot this on my iPhone, people, so don't expect much. And the music is by Ben Rector. I forgot to site it in the video. Sorry, Ben! Love your stuff!

This season of both of us being engaged and getting married has been really eventful, and as exciting as it all was, I'm really glad that it's all over and we have the memories now. We can settle into this new season of being sisters in the same situation; newlyweds figuring all this out together.

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