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Friday, December 23, 2011

Chapter 10: Shortening the distance

Keeping in touch with the Atlantic Ocean between us was hard to do. We had to work around the 7 hour time difference, family obligations, and limited privacy.  It was also a really healthy challenge because it made us get creative in how we communicated. We started making videos for each other. Tim was back and forth between the mountains in Grenoble and Paris doing some videography work for a corporate communications firm and I flew down to Florida to be with my family for Christmas. The videos were brilliant for sharing all of our travel, experiences, and family events with each other. Whatever we did or saw throughout our days, we shot a few seconds of video so we could show each other what we were up to. We used everything from my macbook's Photobooth application to Tim's Canon 5D Mark II camera to film these clips.
Please enjoy a musical mash-up of some of our video mails set to music :)

If his goal was to win me over with all those classic Parisian scenes and Chartreuse mountain views, he achieved it. He probably won you over too.  I watched his videos over and over again.

We were hosting these videos all over the place and sometimes trying to email them to each other without success. I got tired of the chaos of disorganized information so on Christmas day I created a private blog for us to post our news to each other.
I tried to not make the design too feminine, so he'd actually want to use it. This blog was a communication tool that really worked for us since we were both blog savvy already. It was like a bulletin board: whenever one of us had a thought, video, or picture to share, we posted it and let the other person check it at their own convenience and leave a response.
I love this diptych of our opposite places. He was in the mountains and I was at the beach.
This was when the longing started. He was always on my mind and I wished so badly to be with him in all he was doing. Even though it was hard, these digital greetings and updates helped us immensely to understand one another and share our lives.
But still, I had to get up there to see him and decided to make it a little sooner than I originally planned.

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