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Friday, August 24, 2012

One year!

Today is our one year anniversary! We're not really sure how to celebrate an anniversary because we've never had one before. And we ate the top layer of our wedding cake the last time we were down in Florida visiting my parents. We needed dessert on a particular night and I couldn't exactly pack a frozen layer of cake in my suitcase back to Chicago, so you know.

So far today I've gotten a haircut. I bonded with a new stylist named George (or Georgie?) whom I might call my own from now on because I love my new hair and he's very kind and gave me a hug on my way out and called me sweetie. It's so great to have someone you trust cut your hair, no? Was I supposed to be focusing on my anniversary?

Anyways, then I stopped by Trader Joe's on my way home and bought Tim all his favorite treats. Meaty lasagna (I don't make lasagna from scratch. takes too long), frozen pizza, chocolate raspberry candies, and those mochi Japanese ice cream things that I don't like. While I was standing in the frozen aisle, my dad called and sang me the anniversary song. It's an original. 

I got some excitement and kisses out of my guy when I got home because I have hot new hair and his favorite treats. Happy anniversary, baby. Then we started working and now the day is escaping so we need to go out and do something celebratory. Oh, and we ordered our crib! Super great.

I couldn't resist posting some wedding pictures because I'm reminiscing a lot today. Our wedding is a beautiful, beautiful memory. 
 It's funny though, the ritual and celebration we performed one year ago today in front of 80 people was nothing compared to being launched into the work and joy of marriage that we've been privately experiencing since then. It's so very, very good. This year has seen us wrapped in a cocoon of safe and gentle transition into marriage. We are better at loving each other now than we were a year ago. I thought he was amazing when I married him, but he's so much better than what I was aware of even then. Marriage too. It gets a bad wrap a lot and I was scared of it a little, but marriage can be a profoundly good thing and I'm very glad I'm signed up for life. I want many more years with my Frenchman.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, so special! Anniversaries are my favorite holidays. I have a few things. 1. Your wedding dress is all kinds of amazingness. 2. I want to see your hair! 3. Did you find the crib?!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Kirra! I need to take a hair picture :) We ended up ordering the crib off of because Giggle and a few other stores have discontinued it in favor of a new design that's about $150 more. Amazon beat Target's price so we put our order in! I can't wait to put it together!

  2. sigh. i've spent the last 45 minutes reading your blog. so much good. so happy for you both. asdghasdg. i wish the last time i saw you both (met tim for the first time ever!) i hadn't just been fired over the phone. i was probably grumpy. oh well, there's always next time!

  3. Happy Anniversary to the Tabs! :) Love your blog lots and lots and so excited for both of you. :)

  4. Wow - I can't believe it's been a year! That went by very quickly. Happy Anniversary!

    I can't say this enough - I absolutely LOVE your life. A good one to live vicariously through :-)

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!