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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a post about a glucose test

I survived my gestational diabetes test! I'm so glad it's over. This is a standard test given to all pregnant women between 24 and 28 weeks of gestation. Basically, I had to drink this bottle of orange syrup (it contains 50mg of glucose), wait an hour, then get my blood drawn to see how my body was processing the sugar and to determine whether or not I had to be on a diabetic diet regimen for the rest of my pregnancy. They also tested me for anemia, just as a precaution. 

I was so thankful that my midwives let me take home the "Glucola" (doesn't that made-up name make it sound appetizing?) ahead of time, keep it refrigerated so it would be super cold to help it go down, then drink it at home before driving into the office so I didn't have to sit for an hour in their waiting room. I love those ladies. The drink made me somewhat nauseous so I was glad to be at home as long as possible before going in.
Unfortunately, my body didn't take to losing three vials of blood very well. My hearing got skewed, my vision went dark, I started seeing stars and got nauseous and overheated before the nurse was even done with the blood draw. It was...unpleasant. Thankfully, they already had me lying down for the baby's heartbeat check when they started the blood draw, so all I had to do was stay still until the symptoms eased up. The office staff was so sweet and let me have all the time I needed in their exam room with the lights low and a fan on my face before I felt like I could handle the flu shot I still had to have before leaving.
Tim and I had a good laugh on our way out of the office because of this new maternity photography advertisement they just posted. So cheesy.

The great news is that I passed my glucose test! I don't have to take that awful test again and I get to eat pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm very happy about the pie.

The mediocre news is that I'm borderline anemic. This explains so many things: the drama after the blood draw, as well as the fatigue, headaches, and irritability I've had for basically my whole pregnancy. I really wish I hadn't dismissed these symptoms as normal pregnancy pains and asked for help earlier.
I've done some research and realized that my diet is all wrong for getting enough iron and being able to absorb what little I was getting, which led to my low hemoglobin numbers. I just don't like red meat, clams, cereal, beans, or dark green leafy vegetables (I basically eat turkey sandwiches and romaine salads every day). I do like coffee and tea, which impedes the absorption of iron. Also, not only had I stopped taking my prenatal vitamins, but the ones I was taking didn't have any iron in them to begin with!
I have 12 weeks to build back up my hemoglobin numbers before my due date. I really want to go into labor feeling as strong as possible and not have to have a blood transfusion after it's all done, so I'm back on another brand of prenatal vitamins that has all the iron I need and I'm planning my meals better, with more red meat (gag), dark green salads, and maybe even some beans. Tim, lover of cow, is thrilled.


  1. I think I'd choose another word for that maternity photography ad - "ew." I mean, I think pregnant bodies are beautiful in their own way, but not THAT way. No thank you.

    Also, the blood glucose test is the WORST. I failed my first round and had to do another round where they tested my blood sugar every hour for three hours. I felt so woozy and had to lay down, too. There's got to be a better way to test rather than put pregnant women through that torture! Or at least let us eat oreos or something like that instead of that orange crap. I'm still a little emotionally scarred three years later! :) Glad you passed!

  2. "Tim, lover of cow, is thrilled." Perfect. Erin, lover of cow (particularly burgers or steak) is also thrilled at the iron list you presented. It's funny how easy it is to worry about every new pregnancy danger zone you find out about. Goodness! Good luck with the new diet!

  3. So glad you passed! I was slightly anemic in pregnancy too so I had to adjust my diet a bit & I actually took an iron supplement along with my prenatal. All back to normal thankfully- & you will too most likely! Oh the things we go through for our babes! Small & big. Cannot wait for you to have your baby in your arms! They are so great on the outside! They scare you to death in a new way- but at least you get to kiss the heck outta them. So soon friend!

  4. Hi...person who randomly follows your blogs, here! I really enjoy your blog here and I feel like I'm watched you enter adulthood and now become a mom - congratulations!!! I did not want to be one of those blog stalkers who never say they came to, "Hi."

    Anyway, I wanted to say I am still struggling with anemia and my baby is one. She now has anemia. There are two kinds...b12 and iron, so make sure you are getting your b's and your iron. B12 can only be found in meat and it is, quite frankly, hard to get in the diet your described. I know because it sounds like MY diet. haha. I am a carb freak who'd rather be a vegetarian. Get all the rest you feel you need! And research the types of iron, as well as taking vitamin C with it to help it absorb. And ONE more thing. You need extra water and fiber to counteract the other effects of taking iron. The sluggish bathroom effects that are already annoying with pregnancy anyway.

    Again, Congratulations!!!

  5. So glad thats over for you. Last sentence. Slay me.