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Thursday, October 16, 2008

fly away home

I am flying high today.

I used to be the kind of person who was in an everlasting good mood and always had cheer to spread around for no particular reason except that all was right in my world and nothing was hard. And then I had to grow up when life cut me down a couple of times and I learned that it actually takes hard work to be happy in this world and I have to go out looking for joy because it doesn't bounce in to wake me up every morning anymore.

So I do go out and search for joy and try to capture it and bring it near to me so I can drink it in and sprinkle it around my little space in life to make good things grow. Most days it works allright. But some days I fail.

Today, however, I feel like a happy little girl again because tonight a plane will deliver me to my family for a perfectly delightful weekend. I'm going to hug my mother and kiss my father and take my little brother out on a date and talk late with my sister. And I will feel safe and I won't have to take care of myself for just a little while because other people will take care of me.


  1. everyone deserves to be taken care of - enjoy it, because YOU especially deserve it!

  2. aww. i hope you have SO much fun.

    i've been in your shoes, and it's such a great feeling to be reunited with family.

    of course, i am anxiously awaiting your return. for vedera, for sarcasm, for getting to know you better, and for possibly more babysitting! (if you should so desire...)

  3. sarcasm just meaning that i like to be sarcastic. with you. your sarcasm makes me laugh. thank you.