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Friday, June 5, 2009

Don't even look at this

I peeled off the band-aid to see what 24 hours under wraps had done to my itchy blisters.
Natalie and I simultaneously "Eww gross!!"-ed. She ran into the kitchen, started rifling through the medicine basket, and supplied my quote of the evening:
"That's doesn't look like poison ivy. That looks like hell."


  1. :O( i am SO sorry. that DOES look like hell!! ugh.

  2. aww! poor b. leaves of three, let it be not hell.

  3. Gooooo! Gnarly. GREAT title choice :).

    And excellent poem, Bec.

  4. Bethany honey...that's kinda gross.

  5. Is it any better yet? If not you really should go to the doctor. Are you using calamine lotion on it?