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Saturday, September 4, 2010

hello world

The weather has turned here in Kansas City. It's cool enough to sit outside the Roasterie on a Saturday evening and study medical terms.
Cool pertaining to the temperature, not my level of social aptitude.

Alex and Ashley got married today. If I had enough money for a plane ticket to Virginia and time off school and work, I would be there. Instead, I sent my well wishes via text message to Ashley, who responded hours later:

Ashley: "I am officially Mrs. Alex Ruhl now!!"
Me: "I love that!"
Ashley: "We're on our way to the hotel. Ooh la la."
Me: "Aw yeah."

I was pretty sure the conversation was over, but then my phone lit up immediately with a new text message and I read the visible excerpt on the outer screen:
"HEY! You should come over after studying."

Which was so weird. I mean, their hotel is in Virginia. I flipped open my phone for further investigation.

It was from Shannon.

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