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Friday, September 17, 2010

these swirling days

A pastor in florida is acting like a real jerk and the strip clubs in Missouri are shutting down. Fall is blowing in and I have two new friends. I study all the time and I like it. The parents celebrated 28 years of marriage on the same day that we remember the attacks on the world trade center. It's a shame that their anniversary has a sad brush stroke painted over it by the world. I keep getting the chance to go to shows and listen to good music played by delightful friends and this puts me in a perpetually good mood.  We hired on a temporary staff to help with fundraising at work, and I'm suddenly the closing manager again. How did that happen? And why do I love answering their questions and making sure they're well trained and confident in doing their jobs and that the building is securely locked at the end of the night and all of their cars start successfully before I drive off? I get this inner satisfaction.

Undergrads are so cute. Yesterday at UMKC I got stuck walking behind two girls sharing an umbrella wearing their rain-jackets with their jeans tucked into their rain-boots with their backpacks loaded down with books and they were the cutest little ladies I've ever seen. Even if I only saw the backs of their heads.

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