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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the best

One year ago today my friend Nanette, the closest mother lady I have out here, was diagnosed with breast cancer. We spent the fall squeezing hands and deciding to smile, then we all got together to pray for her to be healed. I will never forget hearing her husband, Woot (who had lost his sister only weeks before) tell the Lord out loud in front of everyone that he loved her and begged Him not to take her away just yet.
Nanette had me over for tea some time around then and we sat on her back patio and asked each other what we thought about how God does and doesn't heal people when we ask him to, and how He is still good regardless.
Then came surgery, then all the radiation, and then the Winter.
Woot let her sleep in late every morning and brought her breakfast in bed while her stitches healed and the snow fell.
In February Nanette had a birthday and we celebrated with her as she found out there was no cancer left in her body. We sang lots of songs about strong love that day.
And tonight, one year after it all began, Nanette and I ate salads on the Plaza like ladies do and talked about everything in the world but cancer.
How about that?


  1. this made me cry...and smile.

  2. I am almsot 7 years cancer free and I know what a huge milestone the first year is. God Bless you all.

  3. Love you, love the Wootens and love Jesus who gives hope and strength . . . even when we don't have a lot of answers.