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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reactions to "Runaway" video by Kanye West

Watch the full length video here.
Okay Kanye, here's what I think:
Your new video is a stunning work of art, no doubt about it. What you've done in "Runaway" is going to be important for a long time. I'm pretty sure my kids will be writing history papers on the social commentary you have going on here.
I just have a few questions and comments:
  • Your phoenix girlfriend is very pretty, but what's up with the extreme sexual objectification of the woman you love? Thanks for letting her express herself with spoken language for 48 seconds of your 35 minute video, but I feel like she's really just present in this film to dance provocatively to your remixes and celebrate your appreciation for breast implants. Also: that little bit you sang about slapping her around pissed me off.
  • Please just tell me what you're saying about race relations in this film. I'm seeing glorification of the Ku Klux Klan and the N-word and I just don't understand. Is this progress?
  • Thanks for the ballet scene. It was incredible. I appreciate the honesty in the lyrics of "Runaway". That's some tough subject matter, but it's relevant to your target audience.
  • About that Michael Jackson moment: you're saying you're the next MJ. Am I right?
  • Your idea of community with all the friends at the long table breaking bread together was beautiful. I loved it. Now, your lyrics to "Devil in a New Dress" are rumored to be offensive to Christians: "You love Jesus, but you've learned a lot from Satan...I see good Christians makin' brash decisions...May the Lord forgive us, May God be with us." As a Christian myself, I'm not offended by your criticism of hypocrisy. I would be offended if you criticised my God, but you didn't. So we're cool.
I know you're always feeling misunderstood by the world, and this video is an expression of that. You're the phoenix who is awesome and complex and constantly needing to reinvent herself. I get it.
Mr. West, you're such an incredible influence on young people in the world. I know you care about the next generation or you wouldn't have had that scene where the free spirit child is running with that gorgeous red cloud behind him. But here's what I think: kids actually don't have to trade their free spirits for cult driven hate costumes like you portrayed by putting a KKK hat on little kid's head. The influence of your media makes a huge difference in how kids see themselves and who they grow up to be, so why use your talents to lock them into a prison they didn't know existed in the first place? You know? Leave the bad stuff for the history books and write something new and inspiring for the kiddies.


  1. I'm pretty sure that Kanye accomplished his only goal for that video; you are talking about it.