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Thursday, January 6, 2011

would you like a treat?

I would like to give you a treat.
Well, the folks over at this modern dining room furniture site would like for me to give you a treat.
Do this for me: have a look at some cute and functional stuff over here, then comment on this post and tell me what you would get if you had a $25 gift certificate to get something snazzy for your life. I'll pick someone's name out of a hat this Saturday at noon, so leave me an email address so I can let you know if you win.
If I were you, I would pick this:
or this:
or maybe this?
You tell me, my friendlies.
Someone's gettin' $25. Check back Saturday.



    that things cuuuuuute :D

  2. Cute site-- I like this Sea Life tray:

    (My email is Beth at Cs-Pr dot com)

  3. Lila wants this:

    and I want this:

  4. yes! my first 4 entries!! thank you ladies. best of luck!

  5. being the ever practical person that i am, i would like these:

  6. Well, I want things that are more than $25, so this is what I would put it toward:

    This is a fun little giveaway. How did you get this gig?

  7. hmmm. well. the alpaca throws i want are like 190 i'll settle for these little beauties.

    i'm on a gray kick lately...

  8. Your first giveaway! So fun, B!

    I'd probably get a pretty planter or one of the magazine racks. BUT I, like Cari, would also ideally take home something more than $25. One of those lovely Pablo Designs lamps would look just fine in my house. :)

  9. In a short search I deemed this to be about the coolest thing on that website: