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Sunday, June 19, 2011

day 1

My first day in my new town was such a raging success, I have to blog about it.
I started it off with an orientation meeting. Next week I'm volunteering at a day camp for kids who have been affected by cancer. I can't wait to play with these little guys in an environment that is catered to them and their specific needs. I also got to see some middle-aged female baseball fans wage a Sox vs. Cubs war in the middle of the meeting. It was fascinating. Later, upon learning that I had just moved from Kansas City, one of the ladies assured me that it was okay if I wanted to wear a Royals hat at camp. I'm so relieved.
Then I returned to my temporary home, a basement bedroom belonging to a family who knows and loves Tim. I got a little more settled in and then had lunch with the family.
After that, I got in my car and drove for exactly 7 minutes and arrived at my fiancee's house. This was so cool for us. I walked in the door and we just marveled that we get to see each other so easily, every day from now on. We beat long-distance!! With style!
Later in the afternoon, I went with Tim to shoot an engagement session at the zoo! Too much fun.
During the shoot, Tim got a text message from his friend Sarah saying she wanted to invite me to see a movie with her and some other girls. Cha-ching! When we were done taking lovey pictures, I bade him farewell and scampered off to make some girlfriends.
Finally, Tim and I ended the day by chilling at my future brother and sister-in-law's apartment.

I think this is all going to work out just fine.


  1. I miss you!! But I'm so happy for you at the same time, and this post made me even more so :) you're wonderful! <3

  2. Chicago has been blessed...and so has our family.