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Thursday, September 22, 2011

all this beauty

It's been an eventful month here in Wheaton.
Tim and I have been shooting weddings every weekend, getting the house in order, cooking seemingly healthy meals, and trying to have as few newlywed mishaps as possible. This includes not elbowing each other's faces in the middle of the night, not hurting each other's feelings with careless humor, and not accidentally dumping each other's wallets in the washer along with our clothes. It's going fairly well.
We're living the delectable life of people who work from home on our own schedule. I won't tell you how late we sleep in every morning because I just can't bring myself to admit it to the world.

My work is getting better. I feel less like a wedding crasher and more like a competent photographer with every wedding. Tim exuberantly gushes over my good photos every week and slides past my failures like they never existed.
Here's a few of my favorites that I've taken so far:
Tim handles of all the important moments and poses while I catch the details. This has to be the easiest way to learn this gig. I can't believe my chance at 1) getting this guy to fall for me 2) convincing him it was his idea to let me shoot with him and 3) learn the technicals at my own pace while he takes care of the hard stuff.
We are completely blown away by all the love and support we've received through wedding gifts. I wade through them every day on my way to the coffeepot (which is also a wedding gift) and I just can't believe how nice people are. Everything around me in my house was given to me. I didn't have to work for any of it. Such grace!
Tim's incredible friends are becoming my incredible friends too, and each time I grow a little closer to them, I get all choked up at how sweet and kind God is to put me in the middle of such good people. They threw us a party the other night, because we got married a thousand miles away and they couldn't handle the non-celebration any longer.
Do you see how fun they are? No, let me show you more.
Whenever I move to a new town, and it's happened plenty of times in my life, I expect a certain level of anonymity for at least the first couple of years. Not so here in Wheaton. I know the barista at the coffee place from bible study, I run into so and so's Mom at the grocery store, and this girl down here has figured out I've got the stash when it comes to dresses and comes over to borrow them and we hang out. I am known already. 
It's a good feeling.

I don't know why I've been given this good life. It's all ice cream and chocolate cake right now. I don't know when it's going to get hard or which parts are going to evaporate without warning.

But anyhow, enough of that.


  1. b. these photos are GREAT! seriously. freaking well done!!! and in the group shot...looks like you've got your very own fred in chicago (pink sweatshirt. bottom right corner).

    love all of this. so so so much!!!

  2. Bethany, it's like your living what was my life ~6 years ago, just with more style and a bit further outside of Chicago. :) After marrying Ray, I suddenly become his wedding photographer sidekick and couldn't believe he trusted me with such an expensive camera.

    I think you're doing great - I especially love the one of the guy laying down. And you have a pretty awesome teacher, too! You are the perfect helper to Tim. Just remember, it's not only about taking awesome photos, it's customer service... you get to show love and care to the bride and groom and their closest friends and family at every wedding!

    Hopefully we can meet you someday... so many of those Chicago people in that photo are friends of ours, as well... I'm so glad they're loving you. Especially the Hadley family - aren't they amazing people?

    Anyhow, I couldn't read this and *not* comment.

    Take care,

  3. good grief. if i could take a still image like those.... (i'm trying to learn). beautiful!