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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our time in Paris

1. Gare de Lyon 2. the window of our rented loft 3. the view from the top of the steps at Mont Martre 4. Mont Martre Basilica 5. Le Tracadero 6. Under the Eiffel 7. Lady on the Metro 8. drinks with old friends 9. & 10. in synch by the Seine 11. Notre Dame Cathedral in a spot of sunshine 12. inside St Paul's Cathedral 13. Musee du Louvre

It was a profoundly moving experience to be in Paris with Tim. I went there countless times as a little girl and grew very bored of the city by the time we left France when I was 13.  I had completely lost the vision for what an extraordinary city it is.
Spending the last 11 years in the USA has shown me what an incredible feat it is to build up a city full of masterpieces and then keep the culture of art appreciation alive from generation to generation. Architects drawing their dreams and knowing their work will take longer to build than days they have left to live.


  1. #3 is my favorite. :-)) Its now my screen saver on my computer and my phone.

  2. Can't get over how amazing all your photos are from this trip! Reminds me of the beginning of Midnight in Paris in that I feel like it's all, pardon the phrase, "PARIS P0RN". In a completely awesome way. I must get back there! July, methinks.