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Monday, February 27, 2012

we threw a "baby shower"

My husband has a brother, and his brother has a wife, and his wife is almost done growing their first little baby.
This is Amanda and Paul. Their child will obviously be better looking than any of us.

Tim and I are beyond excited to become an aunt and uncle! We're so excited we threw a party.

It started off as a baby shower, but then it couldn't be just for girls because Tim HATES gender-specific gatherings, LOVES this baby, and would never stand to not be included in this.  So it became a co-ed baby shower. Then we decided to ditch the traditional baby shower games, so it was a co-ed baby shower with no games...and by then it was starting to not seem like a baby shower at all so we wondered if we could bring wine? Amanda didn't have a problem with us toasting to her baby so we just decided to turn it into a dinner party with presents for the baby and wine for everyone but Amanda party.
And it was a blast! Girls, when you get knocked up, come to me. I will throw you this kind of party.
Little baby shoes! I die. And must capture it on my iPhone.
We normally have a big flat screen TV sitting atop this credenza, but I didn't want it's foreboding presence in the room during the party, so it was banished to the guest room and I thereby gained enough room for 4 people to sit! Win. 
This is Keane. He's a happy guy.

And since we needed a picture of the four of us together, here we are clutching confetti and then throwing it everywhere:
"Hey guys, can we do that cheesy picture where you're both making a heart on Amanda's belly? Just for kicks, really, no one will think you're being serious."
  And then they couldn't stop laughing long enough to try to take the picture.
Until they did. Thanks Paul :)
"Mon petit Chou" is French for "my little cabbage", a classic term of endearment.

And don't worry. As soon as this baby is born I will plaster his or her picture all over this blog for years to come.


  1. Awww! What a lovely celebration. :) I'm envious...being the oldest means aunt-hood is probably a ways off for me. And P.S. I like your outfit---pretty green sweater!

  2. Great pics you guys!! Thanks for sharing:)
    Love the baby shoes too!! Family tradition means you have to bronze them afterwards!!!
    Grosses Bises