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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

high of 67

I've been missing vitamin D recently.  I know we haven't had a rough winter, but I've been aching for Spring to come so I can stand in the sun and let it cover me for a while.
Today was warm and sunny so I opened a few windows and let the wind blow through our apartment while I folded laundry, then pulled Tim away from his computer so we could go outside.
We've been meaning to explore Madison Street in Forest Park for a while, so we finally did.

1. My birthday is on Saturday. Tim keeps asking me what I want and I don't even know, but I found this necklace at Pretty Little Things and I think it's nice so there's a start.
2. Yearbook. This store is so impressive. I made the mistake of remarking to the shop clerk that it was like Anthropologie, but for men. He wasn't impressed with that correlation, but there you have it.
3. This is my concerted effort to wear more light and bright colors. I guess I should find a yellow jacket or something next.
4. I would go to an antique store just to hunt out an old wedding dress and stare at it for some minutes. And I did. 

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