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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cinco dé Houseshow

I've been missing Kansas City something fierce recently. Mostly the local music and my friends and how those two things worked together so naturally. I used to go to shows several times a month during the summer. The venues were close and the tickets were cheap, and the chances were high that the person on stage was dear to me. The "current favorites" playlist on my iPod generally housed my friends' music. 

Anyhow, Chicago life is still the best ever, I just have to keep a closer eye on tour dates and such so I can still see these people live and in the flesh. 

Well, my pretties, one of Kansas City's greatest, Sara Swenson, is touring through Chicago THIS weekend.
Now, let's pause and listen to some of Sara's music. 
  Passing Cars, Passing Time by Sara Swenson on Grooveshark 

Great. Thanks for going there with me. Well, on a whim, I emailed Sara (whose shows I've attended but I've yet to have the pleasure of meeting her in person) and asked her if she would be interested in playing a house show at our place on the night before her big gig opening for Peter Bradley Adams, and she said yes!

And then I felt like the world was small again. 

So if any of you who read this blog live in the Oak Park/Chicago area (do you exist?) and would like to come to this little shindig, please email me at because I'd love for you to come! It will probably be a really great and wonderful time. 

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