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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Houseshow recap

So, the houseshow was completely lovely.

It's always a push for me to feel like my home is adequately prepared for guests. It's my easiest stresspoint, I think, and I get irrational and testy about how hard I perceive it's going to be to clean up and make food and get myself presentable plus be welcoming when the people come. For my dad, it was getting the car packed for roadtrips. For Tim, it's memory cards with wedding pictures on them before they're backed up. We all have the easy stresspoint. Mine is my house before people come over.
But Tim and I finally created this and I sighed and snapped a picture right as Sara pulled up. I should add that, weeks later, those flowers are still in that vase on the right and they're totally dead and gross. We don't keep up appearance when we aren't having people over, which is probably why I try to have at least monthly gatherings here. Good motivation.

If I ever wondered at some point in the planning process "Why am I doing this?", I was immediately reminded as soon as we all got settled in our cozy, softly lit living room with our dear friends and Sara's sweet voice washed over me and I just melted into the experience. I love live music. And I love my home and my friends. The perfect blend of those three things was a profound gift to me. It was an I'm so lucky! moment. And those are always the best.

I was hoping for a packed house so Sara could walk away with a fat bankroll of sweet tips, but we were a sparse group of 14. It's probably just as well since we have a third floor apartment in a quiet neighborhood. Even though we invited our neighbors, none came so I was worried about bothering them. But no one complained! So either we weren't that loud or they're just very tolerant. Both work for me. The people who came were incredibly attentive, appreciative, and generous listeners. I think Sara was happy, so that's all that matters.
Sara is one of those sparkly-eyed people. Have you met one of them before? They just keep sparkling at you and they can hold a genuine smile in their eyes for hours and even talk through a real, honest, from the heart smile. It's really impressive.
Kate and Joel right up there, you guys. They're cute.

Just to convince you to come to our next Houseshow, take in the video below. Sara gave me permission to share this even though this brand new song of hers isn't finished yet and it's not going to stay the way it is in the video. She's about to move to London on a wonderful new adventure, and this song really captures that sure anticipation of leaving behind and beginning again. I love it.

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  1. thanks for all the fun activities you make me do. :) you make life 100x more fun.