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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Tim calls me Liesel's hero. Sometimes she runs him out of every soothing idea he has and she's still sad, so he hands her to me and she quiets down. It's sweet to hear him say that, and I need to hear these things for when I run out of solutions too. This bond we have grows stronger daily, and next to my love story with Tim, it is my greatest treasure. My favorite thought.
One evening she woke up sad. I was brushing my hair or something so Tim went to pick her up and laid her on the changing table. She really lost it then. It sounded like she was hurting or terrified or some other awful thing so I dropped what I was doing and ran into the nursery to find a bewildered husband and hysterical baby. We couldn't figure out what was wrong (an unfortunate but regular occurrence with little babies) so there was nothing to do but hold her close and rock.
When you're a parent, you never know which moments are going to sneak up on you and etch themselves in your brain and set a seal on your heart. It'll probably happen when you're exhausted and still wearing yesterday's smeared eye makeup. But thank God these moments come and remind you of the only important things in this world full of stuff and nonsense.


  1. I love how she's just burrowed into you in those early shots. Hero, indeed!

  2. so beautiful, in words and pictures!

  3. love this. beautiful. you make me so excited to be a momma someday.

  4. Agreed with Hannah, these post are very special to read. Thank you for continuing to document + share your life.