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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Liesel's mornings

Someone recently asked Tim what changed the most about his life with fatherhood and he replied: "I love mornings now."
It's true. We used to lolligag around our mornings and desperately reach for the coffee to wake us up, but now we have Liesel. I get up once during the night to feed her in the nursery, but when she's ready for her next meal at about 7am, Tim gets up and brings her into bed with us. We have our sweetest times together when she first wakes up.

Liesel's Morning from Tim Tabailloux on Vimeo.

That's Tim playing the background piano music, by the way. While we were dating he wrote me this lullaby called "Berceuse pour Bethany" (lullaby for Bethany). Still makes me all swoony.


  1. I love it at 1:03 when she punches herself in the face.

    She's going to cherish these videos, you guys. Truly awesome stuff.

  2. Well, this is just adorable.