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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

our new space

We've been in our new home for three weeks and we're not yet settled. August usually affords us our one weekend off all summer and we took advantage of that to move our furniture into the new house, then September--our busiest month of the year--hit with full force and has threatened to turn me into the crazy mom I swore I would never be. There are still a couple of boxes in every room that need unpacking, but every day it seems I have to choose my sanity, work, and family relationships over those dang boxes and picture frames that sit on the floor, waiting to be hung.
In the blur of the last three weeks, we accomplished a few renovations on the house, moved in, celebrated (read: barely noticed) our second wedding anniversary, welcomed Tim's little sister Jenny to live in our third bedroom, Liesel has started eating real food, and she thrilled us with her first word.
She's so cute we can't stand it. I am so thankful for her. She's still too young to pick up on and react to my stress, and her blissfully unaware delight over her own blossoming development snaps me back into the reality that we have it way too good over here.
Our weekend work schedule has been tough on her. Up until now we've been dropping her off with our amazing babysitters, but she's made it clear that she's getting too old to be carted around at all hours of the night after we're done working. Sleep has never been an easy thing for this little girl, and she needs her bedtime routine and her crib every single night at 6:30pm, or none of us get any sleep. We're in the process of shifting her childcare to our house and we're hopeful that this will make all of our lives a little easier.
I have more house pictures to share soon. We really did have fun with changing up the floors and walls and making the space our own. We feel at home here, despite the chaos of transition, and even after signing terrifying papers that say we'll be in debt for the next 30 years, we are confident that we did a good thing when we bought this house.

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