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Thursday, September 12, 2013

the end result

The morning of moving day. We were so very blessed to find a nice family to take over the last 4 months of our lease, so we got to walk away from our apartment with only a small penalty taken out of our security deposit. The transition was so smooth.
Liesel was such a trooper. She sacrificed many naps for this renovating and moving process. But, she doesn't like sleep anyway so I guess it wasn't that much of a pain for her.
Tadaaaaa!! We were pretty thrilled with ourselves, and the awesome tradesmen and friends who made this happen for us.
Doesn't it look like the varnish was still wet on the wood floors? It was! Seriously. Tim got to the house early on moving day and the floor squished under his feet. In hindsight, packing 3 major projects (the floors, painting, and new baseboards) into 9 days was a little too tight. Our floor guy wanted to add another layer of varnish as the very last project before we moved in so we would have gorgeous shiny floors that were unsmudged by workmen's boots, and he worked so hard late into the night before we moved in. Thankfully, our movers were about 3 hours late, which gave the varnish enough time to set before we hauled the furniture inside.
Baseboard love. It made such a huge difference in the room, and the vent improvement really swooned me.
Our bedroom. It's so moody and sleepy. Which is great because this is where I do all my sleeping.
Liesel's room. I wanted her white crib to really pop against that chalkboard wall.
This is Jenny's room. We did get her new outlet covers. Just not in time for the photo.
My dad was such a huge help in this process. He is handier than we are.
That pendant lamp's days are numbered. I have a beautiful new one waiting to be hung at this very moment.
I just didn't want to end this post with you thinking the whole house looked perfect. This was going on in the kitchen as we were moving in. But things do look kind of perfect to me with her in the middle of my messes.

And the process slows down from here. We're still figuring out where to put our furniture and which art to hang on the walls. But mostly we're just shooting weddings and editing like crazy because it's September and we have to work hard to pay for this house and all the snazzy things we just did to it. Thanks for tuning in to my little home improvement series!

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  1. I love the way it turned out and the choices you made, it is beautiful! Congratulations on the new place :)