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Friday, November 15, 2013

everything's good

Everything is good over here. Just wanted you to know. We're a little frazzled, a little sleep-deprived, a little stressed about deadlines...but then I realize that I'm contemplating the hardships of life in my pajamas while sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee in my hand at 11am on a Monday while the baby is down for her first nap. "First world problems" doesn't even begin to describe it. 
Liesel is great. She's hilarious. We still start every day by bringing her into bed with us because she wakes up too early and we like the illusion of the idea that we might get another minute of sleep if we can just go back to bed, but the moment she gets pulled out of her crib it's an all-out Baby vs. Parents wrestling match that continues for the next 12 hours. This child climbs, pulls herself up, rolls, scoots, and hurls herself to the floor...but she does not crawl. She refuses to crawl. As if moving along the floor is way beneath her status. She prefers to walk. But of course because she's barely 10 months old she needs two adult index fingers to grab onto in order to execute her every directional whim and we are both always nearby and completely smitten by our little dictator so we do what she wants and we help her walk all over the house. She takes the stairs in adult fashion, with one foot on each new step, never both feet together, never taking a break. We are tired and we are happy. Thank God she still takes 2 or 3 naps every day (her sleeping has gotten so much better since we got a better weekend childcare system in place). 
These two together are true love. When he comes close she flaps every limb, whacking me in the face and clawing away from me to get to him and then she throws herself on his chest. She is enthralled, in awe, amazed by his tricks and jokes. Everything is new. Even his nose fascinates her. She grabs his ear and stares at it, drools into it and then squeals into it with her whole mouth closed over his ear lobe. He wrestles away from the little terrorist and then grabs her for tickles. When he plays the piano for her? Forget about it. She's right there banging on the keys and smiling up at him because she's doing it too: whatever he does is right.
He is her love, and I am her life. It's squeals of "Dada" when she's happy and cries of "Mama" when she's sad. She needs me for everything. She's still desperate for me, which I love. It puts my heart at ease when I see her growing into a little girl right in front of me. Lately when she's tired of playing she'll reach for me and lay against my chest and suck her thumb for just a moment before she's off again being busy and demanding the world from her little throne of only-childhood. I know it's going to be really hard being the oldest, so I'm happy to let her have her time now. 
I'm trying really hard to be awesome. I really really want to deliver on all my responsibilities, but every single day the laundry piles up and the coats hang over the chairs in the kitchen and the floor needs sweeping and the client emails need answering and the baby needs a bath and the delivered mail is sitting in the box from yesterday (poor Postman) and my husband is hungry because I haven't made a meal and I haven't showered and I'm seriously going upstairs to brush my teeth for real this time but the creaking steps wake the baby so here we go for another round of chaos until she goes to sleep again. 
I'm staring at this picture wondering how we got our act together for the photo and I just remembered begging Tim on a Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church: "I just want a nice picture of us together for a Christmas card." So he obliged and let me dress all three of us and he brought along the nice camera to our trip to the apple orchard where we picked no apples.
The days are flying by. Time has never slipped through my fingers as fast as it is right now. Liesel's first year is almost up. I'm 26 years old right now, and I feel like I'll wake up next week and be 40.
So we're making the most of every day and trying as hard as we can to memorize our baby because she's growing fastly into a toddler. But really, we're not sorry. This is hard and good and so rewarding.

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  1. That is what is going to happen. We are going to turn around and be 40. But a lot of stuff has to happen in between then and now. It will take longer than it seems when we look back on it. I hope it's mostly good stuff for your bunch. <3