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Thursday, August 28, 2008

la musique

I put myself on a Patty G fast. I've been listening to her way too much.
I get obsessed.
It's kind of ruling my life right now.
My roommate suffers. "Buy it!" I cry. "Sing your grief! scream it! it's therapy!" and I don't stop until she does.
Her songs will pop in my head and then I sing them out loud when I think no one is around. Watch, I'll get caught.
I don't pay attention in class because I'm constantly writing and rewriting the lyrics.
I sit down to work on being an amazingly poetic communicator of human emotion like her. I fail. Then I cry. Then I play "crying over" and begin the whole process again.


This morning I bought the new Coldplay album to red herring my addiction. I know, it's been out a while already. I just needed a little motivation.
That painting looks familiar. French Revolution. Probably something I saw as an ungrateful little world traveler.

THIS is also helping me. the heart is an anchor.
oh i LOVE. Lakes.


  1. OK Bethy - I don't really understand these blogs. Who is this singer you're so crazy about? Who is Coldplay? and what does it mean to "red herring" your addition? And what does this mean: oh i LOVE. Lakes.

    Remember - a vote for Obama keeps your brother out of Iraq!!!

    Hope you had a good evening at school! Love you more -


  2. I think I bought the album on the same day! How funny! :-)