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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My roommate, another Bethany, drives a sweet 1980's Buick Century Special station wagon.

The other morning, the four housemates all piled into it to make a grocery store milk run for our waffle breakfast. As we walked out of the ghettoGrandviewPriceChopper to drive home, I looked into the back windshield of the wagon and saw that her car was equipped with a third row bench seat that faced BACKWARDS.
And I thought to myself, 'I must ride in that seat'.

So Corrie and I opened the back hatch, climbed in, and buckled up.
As Bethany reversed out of her parking spot, I freaked out just a little bit on the inside. Imagine sitting the right way in a seat that faces the wrong way, in a car moving forward which is actually backward, in the back of a car that feels like the front of a car, on the left side where there is no steering wheel for me to control.
It feels like a bad dream.
Then Bethany switched from reverse to drive and headed home. Corrie and I tried to acclimate.

But the whole time, my perceptions were completely wrong because I felt like I was moving backward, which was actually forward, on the left side of the road, which was actually the right side of the road, and most importantly, I WAS NOT IN CONTROL and I felt like I should be.

And then I thought that's just kind of like life.


  1. In 8th grade I went with my friend Heather and her family to Disney World, and we rode the whole way in that rear-facing seat in the station wagon. At one point, on I-85, Heather and I spotted a guy that we thought was cute driving in a car behind us, but Heather's dad was driving too fast for us to get a good look at him, so Heather yelled, "Cop!" and her dad slammed on the brakes. We got in trouble.

  2. haha. this is the best story. i'd say my life feels like that...but maybe going 60 miles an hour on a windy road filled with puppies and kittens. in august. with no ac.


    can i please see you soon?

  3. hahahah i love this. I totally used to ride in that seat in my mom's old station wagon, and I LOVED it.