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Monday, November 3, 2008


Last night was a pretty intense download on the omnipotence of God. Other stuff has been going on in my heart that is just making me ravished over my Savior and showing me how wicked and broken I am and how tremendous He really is.
I can't responsibly describe it.
After the Gathering I drove straight home and went in my room and shut the door and tried to marinade in the fresh perspective of how tiny and vaporistic my all-important life really is and how gracious is my God to love me and let me live in His story and play some kind of part even though I'm just pitiful.
I woke up feeling kind of raw. Which is not bad.
I had to be at work early.

The sunrise was blinding me as I handed one customer his breakfast in the drive-thru and added a doggie treat for his little jet-black friend sitting close to him.
She kept her head low and didn't seem aware of much. I asked him what kind of terrier she was and he said she was just a mutt. She was really old and blind and had hardly any teeth left, he said as he broke up the treat to help her eat the little bits. I asked what her name was and he said Lucky, because he and his wife went to the pound one day and picked her out and brought her home just in time to save her from being put to sleep.

And I just cried.
Right there in the drive-thru.


  1. beautiful. and such an intensely perfect perspective of our relationship with our Father.

  2. Man alive.

    Sounds like Lucky would be a good nickname for all of us.

    You're awesome, BB.

  3. You may be small and "vaporistic" in the whole of history but you are very important to this moment in time. Don't negate your worth!!! There are many people who you bless everyday and your presence makes a big difference in their lives!!!

  4. and then i cried while reading about you crying about the dog/the bigger picture.

    how about sometime we hang out when there are not kids screaming at us to stop talking?