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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today is a very exciting day.
Today is the first non-Sunday day since August that I have off school and work.
I can do whatever I want with this day. Absolutely anything.
At the end of each semester, when I get these freebie days, I always get hit with this revelation in a new way that life isn't always going to be like it is now. That some day (next December) I'm going to graduate from college and then I won't have to do school and work full-time, and the time that I spend in class or studying will be free time, that I get to spend however I want! It's amazing! Maybe, just maybe, I'll be continuously caught up on laundry. Or be able to have friend-nights more than once a week. Or catch up on sleep.
Oh it will be glorious. I'll be able to give myself away to friends and organizations and still have fuel left to power myself up for being myself .

So what am I going to do on this freebie day?
I'm sick. In bed. Trying to recover so I can work well on the black-friday-day-of-hell.
Iz okay.


  1. it is seriously one of the BEST feelings to get done with school. you come home from work at night and it's like oh my gosh, what the heck do i DO now? it's lovely!

    i am sorry you are sick. AND that you have to work on black friday day of hell. i will be empathizing with you from behind my lousy green apron. perhaps when all of the dust settles i will see you and hang out with you again. yes please.

  2. feel better girl. i feel like i'm starting to get sick too, which sucks because i have a million and 5 things planned for this weekend.