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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

how to: care for everyone

How to: care for extroverts                                                   How to: care for introverts


  1. That's good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Placing them side by side really emphasizes how wordy we are. Or self involved. Not sure which. Thanks for that :)

  3. interesting. Although being an extrovert, I don't see all those suggestions to be true for me. (now I sound so post-modern)

  4. being an interovert, those points are spot on...almost every single one...sometimes we can come across as aloof or disinterested or unphazed or uncaring when really we are just trying to get our bearings and cope with our surroundings or life changes and dont know how to voice it. if you arent sure please ask...give us some time to answer but please dont just write us off...sometimes we are just trying to figure out how to start a conversation...

  5. maybe we should hang this on the fridge. :) haha.