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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

it's the end of an era

Well, folks, I had my first day of orientation for my Child Life Practicum yesterday. It was great. I learned about hospital alert codes and infectious disease prevention and I got a textbook and made a new friend and got a badge with my name and a poor quality photo of me on it.
I also got some moderately bad news; I have to kill my nose ring.
I know.
You're all weeping over my lost mark of independence and wild self expression and undeniably adorable little sparkle on the right side of my face. Except for my mother. She's probably fist pumping right now with a gleeful smile.
I have until Monday morning at 7.30 am to pull that sucker out of my nose.
Here's to being a sensible adult without any metal in her face. Cheers.


  1. sad day. but i will say that there are plenty of sensible adults WITH metal in our noses. me, amy g, kerri, simmons. i mean. we're totally sensible ;)

  2. Such a sad sad day Bethie. You have all my sympathy!!

  3. k i'll trade you a simmons for jess blake. :) i suppose we're all sensible. fun nose rings or not...