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Thursday, February 24, 2011


I've been irritatingly sick for almost a whole week, but I will discuss this no further because I know several people who are dealing with serious illnesses that have long surpassed mere irritation.
I talked to Tim on the phone for five hours today. FIVE! I was stuck in bed with the sick, and he was editing a wedding shoot. Take that, long distance. It can be done. 
My sister is getting married, did I tell you? I am gaining a very quiet, kind-hearted, upstanding, honorable brother-in-law. I'm even pretty good friends with this guy already! Although I nearly sabotaged our early camaraderie with an unhealthily large dose of sass right before we met for the first time: 
My sister was mortified.  I just wanted to be buddies! Like right away! We recovered over turkey and stuffing. He appreciates my humor now. I'm pretty sure. 
So that wedding will be a fun activity for the Boatwright clan this October. 

I have spent the last three saturdays in a classroom for eight hours, and this next one is my last, thank goodness. 
When will it be spring? I hate February weather. It makes me snarky.
My friends recorded this song. You should listen to it because it feels like June.


  1. "I just wanted to be buddies! Like right away!"

    i U N D E R S T A N D that feeling.

  2. i just love who you are! also, what does snarky mean? :-) it's a fun word.