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Monday, February 7, 2011

a morning with the sweethearts

One day in late 2009, I sat at a kitchen table on Norton avenue with my roommate and helped her compose the perfect "I respect you a lot but don't like you like that and I hope we can still be friends" e-mail to a nice guy in one of her classes who had asked her out.
Months later, Bethany moved out of that house, and then I moved out of that house, and we didn't see each other so much. Then I ran into her a couple weeks ago and she told me she had a boyfriend. I texted her and Emily a few days later to ask if they wanted to grab breakfast this Sunday, to which Bethany replied: "I'M ENGAGED!!!!!"
I took that as a yes to Panera breakfast.
Guess who gave her that ring? The nice guy that I had so carefully helped her reject a year and a half ago. He proposed on their 3 month dating anniversary. They're so excited.
I love it when respect turns to love.


  1. success. So there is hope for all those girls who turned me down?

  2. I love it when things don't turn out the way you expect. This girl has gotta tell her story!