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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last weekend was a doozie: I got to meet Tim's family for the first time when they arrived for their visit to Chicago from France.
Now, I've done this before a few times with other guys that I've dated, and I've never been worried about it at all.
But the Tabs...well, there's more of them than in most families (Tim is the 2nd oldest of seven children).
And they came from farther away.
And if the first meeting bombed there wouldn't be much opportunity for a do-over since they're going back to France soon.
And most of our interactions would happen in a language I haven't practiced much in the last twelve years.
And these people are quality, I tell you. Cream of the crop.
Just look at them! Standing in front yard there--which overlooks the Chartreuse mountain range in southern France, by the way--silver crowns of wisdom adorning the parents' heads...dark, handsome features on the sons...daughters confidant in their natural beauty...and don't even get me started on that hunk of burning love all the way on the right...
I was really nervous.
But I could have saved my nerves because it was a wonderful visit. I received 8 hugs when I first met them. The girls were all: "FINALLY! We get to meet you!" and the guys were all "So glad you're here" and the parents were all "We're really glad to know you, Bethany."
And then we spent the weekend sitting around dinner tables for hours, going on road-trips together, and listening to Papa Tab preach an Easter service. I got to have really good conversations with every single member of the family, and that was a huge blessing.
I'm a huge fan of them. They're a party.

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