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Saturday, April 16, 2011


You guys, I scored a vintage gem today. I've been looking for something special to help out my life for a while and I finally found it. I'll be hauling most of my stuff into storage next week, moving out of the Lydia house, and living out of a suitcase while sleeping on an air mattress at a friend's house for the next couple of months. Transitional adventure? Yes please. I like the sound of it, minus the suitcase part. I need something bigger and prettier than a suitcase to hold my clothes and picture frames for a while. I've been looking for a nice big old trunk and I finally found her today.
In't she a beaut?

Sometimes, when you're antiquing, you find things that are pretty and functional and helpful and classy.
Other times, you find things so hideous and unexplainable that you just have to try them on, take lots of low grade cell phone pictures, and blog about them just to exclaim to the world that they were once intended to be taken seriously.
Are you ready?
I would like you all to meet the Madonna.
She seems innocent enough at first, right? Madonna always does. Don't be fooled. Look closer at the details.
  White leather with embroidery and lace, you guys. Including a zip-up front closure. There's just no excuse for that. 
This dress screams 1980's Women's Lib. It breaks every rule. Too hot to be worn before Labor Day, and too white to be worn after. It's the anti-wedding dress, because who needs a man to be able to wear a white dress if she wants to? I should also point out that the shoulder pads were still present to make this number intimidate any glass-ceiling supporter. 
It was hard to walk away from this treasure, but Madonna went right back on the rack after I had my dress-up fun. I'm sure she'll make someone very happy someday.


  1. I hope you bought that... you should wear it to my brothers wedding.

  2. Oh darn. I would, babe, but it's rude to wear white to a wedding. Maybe on our next date night.