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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

script my life

I haven't felt very blog prolific recently. As you can tell.
It's just that I've been thinking about super deep life stuff recently and, believe me, you don't want in on this well.

I'm sitting in a new coffeeshop. Me likey. Especially because they're petting my current banana phase with a monkey mocha.

Finals are next week. Hence the blogcrastination. I was suddenly hit with the realization that I only publish my thoughts to the world when I'm supposed to be studying.

Speaking of school, next semester I'm cutting it down to 12 hours of school and thirty hours of work per week. It sounds like heaven. By my own calcuation, I can do two 12 hour semesters and a 6 hour summer and graduate next December as planned, and if the counselor disagrees next week and says I need more, I'm still doing it. Life is just not okay when I only get 12 hours of home-and-not-sleeping time per week. I've figured out that my way of doing life these last few months is extremely a little unbalanced and makes me psychotic slightly crazy.

And since I'm done with my communications and gen-ed requirements, I get to take whatever I want! This is good and bad at the same time cause I'm getting carried away with all the goodness available for me to learn. I've kind of been thinking about it nonstop for the last two weeks. Check it out:
  • Religion in America
  • Medieval Jewish History
  • Modern Jewish History
  • History of Christianity from the Middle Ages to Present
  • Special Topics in Religious Studies: Reformation
  • Anthropology of Religion
  • Urban Anthropologie
  • The Silver Screen and the American Dream
  • Film Theory and Criticism
  • Colloquium in Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Foundations of Logic

Oh I'm so excited. But I can't decide! I have to pick only four of those, and if I want a manageable life back, they have to be Tuesday-Thursday classes at times that are close together. See how hard this is?!!

I just realized that I miss-spelled the word 'anthropology' up there but I'm leaving it to be able to tie in this next bit:
A mother-daughter friendship duo came to visit me these last two days. They're from home. I'm so excited they stayed with me and I got to have dinner with them and show them around my town a little bit. It reminded me that there are really wonderful people in Venice who are running after God's heart with a vengeance. I realized that I have been in this mindset that Kansas City is the only place where the Holy Spirit rests and I have to stay here to keep growing in the Lord and that's just not true.
Oh, the tie-in: thanks Mimi and Darlene for leaving me that amazing soap from Anthropologie!

Here's a Thanksgiving funny to end this and thank you for reading through an arduously long life and mind update. I'm pretty sure only my sweet mother made it this far:

Bethany and her friend Brianna cooked a thanksgiving feast for 16 friends. Bless their hearts. But then a routine basting check on the turkey filled the house with smoke. Disaster and hilarity ensued. Yes, I took pictures of them in their distress. It sounds heartless but we were all laughing so hard I had to record it. As soon as I set down the camera I helped them fix the problem.

Too funny. They had overfilled the turkey pan with broth and it was spilling onto the bottom of the oven and smoking like a chimney. I think at this moment, Bethany was praying in tongues that it would end and the turkey and our lungs would be saved. Not that I could understand.

I might have peed my pants.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog and yes I did make it all the way to the end. My question is: were you blogging instead of studying for finals? If so, it doesn't really matter since you always do well in school. I hope you have a good meeting tomorrow - just remember -- Keep your options open!!!