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Monday, February 16, 2009

on sleep

My own human frailty irritates me for a lot of reasons.
I wish I didn't bruise and bleed so much. I wish I could fly to places I need to go instead of getting stuck in traffic and having to pay for gas and oil changes. I wish I could learn without studying. I wish I didn't have to live my life by the clock.

But my biggest irritation, by far, is sleep.
I do NOT understand why we were made to have to sleep so much. In my opinion, sleep wastes so much time that could be spent doing useful things. I hate getting tired.
I've told God how I feel about this. Several times. The conversation goes like this:

Me: "Why do I have to sleep all the time God? Seriously. I don't have much time here. Seventy-five years maybe? I'm going to spend 25 of those years sleeping! I don't get anything accomplished when I'm sleeping! I could be working more, studying more, spending more time with my friends...Why did you make me this way? When I get too much sleep I waste time, when I don't get enough sleep, I can't function. Sleep sucks."

God: " ________"

I'm only being halfway fescetious. I really have spent a lot of time thinking about this.
Then, after more whining prayer, I thought about what life would look like in a practical way if we didn't need sleep. I came to these conclusions.

The Physical:
If we didn't need rest, we wouldn't have beds.
If we didn't have beds, we wouldn't need rooms for beds.
If we didn't need rooms for beds and other resting things--like chairs and couches--we wouldn't need houses to keep them.
If we didn't need houses, we wouldn't have homes.
If we didn't have homes, we wouldn't have families.

The Spiritual:
If we didn't need rest, we wouldn't have a whole day set aside by God specifically for rest. And then we wouldn't go to His house to meet with Him and the friends we have in Him.

And then I read Genesis and clued in to the fact that even God needs to take time to rest (chapter 2 verse 2).
That seems weird to me. I don't understand. He should be able to do whatever He wants, like make the whole world and everything in it, without getting tired.
I'll ask Him about that someday.

I guess I shouldn't resent sleep so much. If God needs to rest, then it can't be a bad thing.
And I guess I need to sleep because I am made in His image. And that's not a bad thing either.

That's all.
Thanks for listening, buddies.

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  1. Your current song choice? Jewel would be proud.