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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

tales of a tuesday

Coming to you from History of Christianity class. It appears to my professor that I'm taking notes. I'm not. Please don't judge. I have no idea what's going on here...something about Einsiedeln and Huldrych Zwingli and trans-substantiation. Recall how I feel about this class. Here are some little things I have to report:

  • I now have a 5th roommate.
  • The heat is broken in our house. Imagine those 5 girls running around freezing in layered sweats, constantly tripping breakers with our many space-heaters and blow-dryers going all at once. It's funny.
  • Professor just dropped his notes and half the class woke up.
  • I aced my first Foundations of Logic exam. This is causing a wonderful little identity un-crisis because I have always been terrible at math.
  • Today I will take a break from my film-fast to take in two wonders: Casablanca and Slumdog Millionaire. I won't regret it.
  • My sister is an incredible news reporter.
  • I'm nursing the world's biggest canker sore. According to Rachel, this thing is "gnarly", which sucks because it hurts, however it's causing my whole bottom lip to swell up really big and....I kind of like the look.
  • My friends should be famous.


  1. well, how was slumdog!? did you love it?

    is it ok to talk about it on blogger? ahaha best line ever.

    i am a tad sad. we spent two tuesday nights in a row together, and this one we did not. hopefully i will see you soooon!?

  2. Your friends aren't famous? I thought we were ...

  3. famous to me, you all are;

    models, artists, writers, rockstars, philosophers, heroes, activists.