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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Dear Grandma,
I had no idea you read my blog.
This one is to you.
I love your stories. I pay attention to them, and I remember them. Like the one about when your house was burglarized when Dad was a teenager and you really learned to count it all joy, all the time.
Thank you for flying across the ocean to visit me so many times when I was little. You have no idea how much I looked forward to it, the weeks leading up to your arrival seemed like years until I could finally see you, and you would sit with me and talk to me about whatever I was interested in for hours just so we could spend time together.
You always brought me something new to wear that had flowers on it.
I admire you so much, Grandma. You've lived through many trials and you are just so steady about life and family and faith.
I love you. And I miss you.
p.s: someday when I have dentures, I'm going to take them out and sing silly songs to make my grandkids laugh too.

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