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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

things that are true

  • I blog from class

  • I participated in a stellar April fools joke on my roommates involving 1) flipping the kitchen table upside down 2) hiding the coffee 3) hiding the toaster 4) dying the milk blue 5) switching the cereal in the boxes. Happy April 1st. Beware.

  • I really want to see Where the Wild Things Are when it comes out in theaters.

  • I have to get 6 shots tomorrow. Let's count them together: Hep A, Hep B, tetanus, meningitis, yellow fever, and typhoid. I don't want to think about it.

  • I got a letter from Asresa yesterday. She wanted me to know that she's taking school very seriously and studying hard for her big test.

  • She makes the shots worth it. Ethiopia in 24 days.
  • I have to stop drinking so much coffee.
  • It will not snow again. It will not.
  • I've been trying to sleep more, and life has been a lot better. huh.


  1. More things that are true:

    •keep drinking coffee, you'll get tons of it in Ethiopia and you'll need the tolerance

    •you are correct. if it snows again i'm kicking somebody's butt

    •you are wonderful and hilarious. and i love you

  2. I agree with Amy. No point in not drinking so much coffee until AFTER Ethiopia. You'll have at least one cup a day there. Keep in mind the AT LEAST part. :-)

    love you!