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Monday, July 27, 2009

florida highlights

Well. It's my last night sleeping in my old room on this trip home. I wish I knew exactly how I felt about it.
I brought Morgan with me this time. Back in the planning stages of this trip I asked Mom to schedule me a bunch of yearly medical visits that I never take the time to get done in Kansas City, so that meant I drug Morgan to 5 different doctors, dentists, opthamologists, phlebotomists, endocrinologists....not joking. She was a terrific sport about it, and then we finally got a good day at the beach.

Michelle's wedding was lovely. I got to meet all the college friends she made in the last four years since we've been every-day friends. Our lives are so different now that it baffles me. When she asked me to sing at her wedding a few months ago, I was terrified at the "yes" I heard myself say...but I actually surprised my parents and myself. It went pretty well and I even got compliments afterward from 6 of the 300 guests. Go me.

Oh yeah. I wore my boots.
But only to the rehearsal :)
It still mortified my mother just a little bit.

And speaking of which, I did something else to mortify my mother today. Somehow she still likes me, but I talked her into getting her eyebrows threaded with me. Yes, threaded. Heard of it? It's where a sweet little Indian lady lies to you and tells you it's a pain-free way to sculpt the perfect eyebrow shape by cinching your eyebrow hair between two pieces of cotton thread and yanking them one by one out of your head.
"Common Mom! It'll be a great new experiment....I mean experience!"
So I went first. As soon as sweet little lady started going to town on my forehead, I knew I had made a mistake. I squeezed the fire out of Mom's hand with every individual hair that was heartlessly wripped from my unassuming little follicles and thought to myself: "This week I've had three cavities drilled, blood drawn, and minor eye surgery...and this it definitely worse." I know you want to see it:

My advice: skip it. Take a good ole hot waxing any day over this. Sorry, ethnic beauty treatment; I shun you. And sorry Mom. But we totally bonded. And we got an uber-identical picture out of it:

And some sweet eyebrows that will last "at the most, three weeks". Thank you India, thank you terror.

Then Dad acted a fool to make us laugh.

Then my trip home was over.


  1. I found your blog! :) What adventures you had friend. I miss you, just thought you should know. Oh, and I love that picture of you and Kim at the top. Such gorgeous ladies! And, when I was in Chicago, one of my girls at the high school threaded my eyebrows. It hurt like the dickens, but was over quickly and actually looked great. Maybe I liked it better because it was free. :)