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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

guess what

Friends, here it is: my very first guilt-free blog from home.

Last fall when Tiffany moved out I sent the internet with her, among other things. It's been a rough road.

I've learned since then that if I sit in the living room in one very specific spot, with a strong wind and open window, and laptop tilted to a specific degree...I can get internet from a far-off unsecured connection. Sometimes. Mostly not.

THEN came the day that Emily (roommate #5) hung out with our neighbor and acquired the network key for her secured connection. From that day forward, whenever Em left her lappy lying around, I had internet at home. The only problem is that Emily's sweet little Dell has a malfunction we like to call "Blue Screen of Death", which is a tantrum Dell throws when you try to upload too much at once, or type too fast, or breath too hard. Dell shuts down and gives you the Blue Screen of Death for a while till she wakes up in a better mood. So we had internet sometimes...but it was always coated in guilt that we were thieving it from our neighbors without their knowledge.

Then we decided to approach our friendly neighbors and offer to pay half of their internet bill if they would share the key with all of us. The delightful ladies said they wouldn't dream of making us pay for internet that would only work in our kitchen. So now all our computers have the key! Whoopee! And I don't have to feel guilty anymore! Whoopore!

So now I can blog at will.

Tomorrow, I will blog about how I can't donate blood.


  1. a of all) I read your blog on my reader. I just clicked your post to leave a comment and saw your header. Beautiful!!

    b of all) You, seriously, make me smile every single time I see you, read you, or think of you. How do you do that?

    c of all) I can't give blood either. *wink*

  2. So four days ago you said you would write another blog "tomorrow". I've been looking everyday for it and it hasn't happened yet. Still waiting!