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Saturday, December 26, 2009

I have these friends

I found them when I was 17. We all moved away after high school, but we get to see each other every Christmas Eve.


My friendship with Jason was still recovering from an awkward Prom date experience. Notice the hand placement. Trevor was pretty as ever.


Jason's hairvolution begins. I thought heavy makeup was in order.


We picked up Melanie Divirgilio on this one. Jason quickly hopped a flight back to Nashville after Sarasota rejected his scarf, and Trevor decided not to give up on trying to grow a beard.


Jason is a full-on Nashville hippy. I'm loving Kansas City. Trevor (beard 2.0) is doing seminary before med school. Nathan married Michelle. Rachel and Josh got hitched too and have a baby boy. Michelle and I worked on our common foot placement all through college. Obviously.


  1. This is beautiful, but so glad that we (Kansas City) won the lottery. Thank you Chick-fil-A, zero degrees, and Dan Saeger.

  2. You need to ask Jason if he has ever seen/heard of Will Hoge? He is my favorite singer/band (from Nasvhille, well Franklin, really.) and I live up here in PA. Jason's hair evolution is hilarious. I scrolled through the pics before reading the captions and was like "Whoah look at that dudes hair slowly creeping its was to hipster" hahaha.