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Sunday, December 13, 2009


My sister and I used to love to dress up in my mom's old bride's maid dresses and perform this little song and dance when we were little.

Which is pretty funny, because Meg used to practically pull my hair out for wearing her clothes.
We thought adulthood would be all dancing and dresses and men adoring us.


  1. "dancing and dresses and men adoring us."

    yeah, my mom told me that none of that would ever happen, but I secretly really wished she was wrong. she wasn't wrong. :[

  2. I remember you and Megan singing this - in fact whenever I hear this song I think of the two of you!! You were so cute!!!

    I love you both!!!

  3. What?? It's not all dancing and dresses and men adoring us?

  4. Dress up is the best! I always secretly thought that one day I'd have a fabulous blue fan. I wanted to dance around all sassy and fancy like the sisters did in the movie. Every little girl should grow up watching old movies!