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Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend funnies

Cari: "I'll make strata for our meeting next week."
Me: "What's estrata?"
Cari: "Well, Eric Estrada is an actor. Strata is a breakfast casserole."

Will: "I think perhaps the problem is the nonlinearality."
Reflective pause
"That almost didn't make it out of my mouth. And it's probably still not a word."

Tom in reference to my nose ring: "It's like crystalized zit."
Me: "What?!"
Sean, very quickly: "That's not what he meant."

Trevor to Amy in reference to her black coffee preference:
"You're such a dude...when it comes to"
Amy: "Thanks for pausing in all the right places."


  1. cari. i was going to say the EXACT same thing. see there goes the people saying what i'm thinking again. haha.

  2. So glad you captured all of those.

  3. this made my day! i miss you, bb.