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Monday, February 1, 2010

January resolution: Read the Bible in a year.
February resolution: Don't get discouraged when I fall behind. Keep going.

January resolution: Wear makeup.
February resolution: Start brushing my teeth and inserting my contacts before applying the makeup instead of after. It gets messy.

January resolution: Go on more road trips.
February resolution: Nashville? This weekend?

January resolution: Move out of my house.
February resolution: Move out of my house NOW.

January resolution: Don't hate February.
February resolution: (...)


  1. hi bethany! i just saw your comment on my blogger blog from january 6! i rarely check it!

    we like lots of the same books and music!
    i was surprised to see lakes on your list. i love lakes. and patty griffin. and bon iver..

  2. You can't hate February. It's the month we're going to Nashville.


    Hey remember: Don't worry.