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Monday, April 12, 2010

Aunt Bev

I got a wonderful surprise yesterday.
My mom called to inform me that while spectating the World Synchronized Ice Skating Championships in Colorado Springs, her sister Beverly got stuck at the airport due to an overbooked flight to Cincinnati, and since there were no flights available for the next two days she had to drive 9 hours to Kansas City to catch a flight out early this morning. This meant that I got to show her around Kansas City and host her in my home for an overnight stay!
The first thing you need to know about my Aunt Beverly is that she is a slightly above average 50-something:

She's hot.
"You mean you belong to this gene pool, Bethany?"
Why yes. Yes I do.
Aunt Bev is a Synchronized Ice-Skater. For real. This is her team:

Synchronized Ice Skating is a very serious sport. Did you know that? Imagine synchronized swimming, but on ice. Bev is sure it will be an Olympic sport so very soon.
Do you need a visual? I can provide.

We just had the best evening together, she and I.
Aunts are wonderful because you can tell them things you wouldn't tell your mother and they laugh with you like a sister. I couldn't have asked for a better Sunday.


  1. i heart aunt bev! she needs to stay longer next time!!

  2. Thanks Bethany! I had a great time in Kansas City. That detour was one of the highlights of my trip! Wish I could have stayed longer. Love your cozy house and your room mate. Thanks for taking care of me for a day when I had nothing but my purse with me! I love your blog.(It made me cry).

    By the way, You really are a linguistics genius (I knew all those years you lived in France would impact your life later in wonderful ways). They are so lucky to have you there!!

    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!! I'm so proud of you and your twin cousin Allyson graduating one day apart.
    Love ya,
    Aunt Bev